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At CW Counseling & Consulting, we are focused on providing evidence-based counseling and consulting services. We believe in and provide a compassionate, person-centered & patient directed therapeutic process where our patients are empowered to make the best decisions for themselves at every step along the way.

As a part of the PeeDee and Florence, SC area for over 25 years, our staff has experience in private, community-based, and educational settings, allowing us to hold an unique perspective when it comes to treatment conceptualization. We approach our patients’s goals in a holistic manner, looking at not just the immediate issue that might need assistance, but how all of life’s factors might be impacting their lives.

Our therapists have experience working with adults, teens, children, families, couples. We have experience in creating and implementing training, educational, and response programs for public, private and non-profit organizations across the state of South Carolina. Odds are high that if you use a mental health protocol in your work here in the PeeDee, CW Counseling has had a hand in its creation!

Our skillset and reputation has given us the opportunity to be trusted in providing crisis intervention, trauma interviewing and forensic assessment services, working hand-in-hand with several counties in the South Carolina Department of Social Services, South Carolina Department of Corrections, foster group homes, domestic violence services, and other important organizations statewide.

With the wide array of areas we have practical experience in, we are confident we can provide our patients with whatever skills and tools they are seeking to achieve their therapeutic goals.

Our patients receive professional services in a safe, unbiased, confidential, and culturally informed environment. In addition to our Florence, SC office, we provide services in other settings such as telehealth, schools, workplaces, and community centers . Whether helping persons resolve short-term issues or build skills and resource for tackling long-term, chronic mental health issues, our therapists are eager to help!

Dr. Carol S. Wright

Owner of CW Counseling & Consulting, LLC​

Founder and owner of CW Counseling & Consulting, LLC, Dr Carol S. Wright, LISW-CP, has over twenty years experience in social work and professional counseling. She is trained and experienced in Forensic Social Work, Veteran Services, Critical Incident Debriefings, Hostage Negotiations, Treatment of Trauma Symptoms, Human Trafficking and education. In addition, she is also licensed to provide clinical supervision and training to practitioners in the state of South Carolina.

She earned her bachelor’s in Social Work from The Ohio State University, master’s in Social Science Administration from Case Western Reserve University and a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Argosy University.

Dr. Sylvia Rogers

Brittany Boatwright

Marcties Pendergrass

Allison Miller





Dr. Rogers has been a part of our family for a year and we have enjoyed every moment with her! Sylvia enjoys working with children, teens and couples working towards goals related to life adjustment and phases.


Sylvia’s dedication to giving back doesn’t stop when the office is closed. When she’s not at work, you’ll find her volunteering in a variety of capacities in the Florence and Marion area.

Starting her career as a counselor for Florence One Schools, Brittany brings a trauma-informed methodolgy to her patients, allowing persons of all ages to work through traumatic events that impact them in a positive manner. Certified in play therapy and T-CBT, Brittany loves helping families through challenges to meet their goals.


Brittany’s warmth and love of community extends to her personal quest to develop resources in the Florence area for foster teens who are in desperate need of a safe space to call home.

Marcties loves helping people who struggle like he did when he was a young man and finds the greatest satisfaction in helping teens navigate adolescence and all the challenges that come along with it.

Marcties encourages patients to develop solutions, work towards goals, and gain acceptance of limitations in a safe environment. Through this framework, he empowers patients to work openly and his collaborative approach ensures that clients are able to be heard.

We think that Marcties says it best: “Times are tough, but love and support is what helps us get through. No one should feel alone when there’s someone who cares”.

Allison takes the greatest joy working with patients who are seeking to understand themselves at a deeper level. Filling a great need in the Pee Dee, Allison particularly enjoys working with individuals who fall outside of “mainstream” identities, including LGBTQIA+ persons. Offering gender-affirming, neurodivergent informed, kink, and poly positive care, Ali’s patients tell us they feel valued, seen, and able to be fully honest and open in her office – many for the first time.

Her approach is from a relational-cultural perspective, and she strongly believes in the autonomy of the patient. Ali’s philosophy is that “Inclusion and affirmation aren’t simply buzzwords – it’s the foundation of our profession”.

When she’s not at work, you’ll typically find her playing Dungeons and Dragons, working in her studio on her latest painting, or spending time with her family.

Alicia Gibson

Robin Burkett

Administrative Professional

Billing Specialist
AS - Health Information Management
AA - Business Finance and Accounting

Alicia’s bright smile and compassionate voice is the first thing you’ll experience when you reach out to CW Counseling, and because of that, it’s very easy to understand why she’s been at the front of our office for over four years.

Alicia prides herself on her ability to match you with the right therapist for your needs. She fell into the job while seeking new challenges but grew to love mental health. She remains in the field because she enjoys the unique challenges and needs of each client, and gains immense joy as she sees a weight lifted from them.

Says Alicia, “Everyone’s nervous their first time coming to therapy, but if you make it to the first session, you’ll make it through to the last. We’re a family here, and that means the world to our patients”.

Robin’s career in mental health began during her clinical hours while finishing her Health Information Management degree. This focus gained her first-hand experience in mental health and broke down preconceptions she developed due to her life experiences and family perspectives.


Says Robin, “If you’re hesitant about calling, don’t be. Don’t believe the stigma. I see the need for behavioral health and counseling for more than just ‘serious’ things today. Single parents, grandparents raising grandchildren, drugs, social media – things are so different today and it’s okay to need help sometimes to navigate any challenge”.