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Training, Seminars, Consulting, Forensic Mental Health Assessment for Death Penalty Cases, and Employee Assistance Programs


Principles of Forensic Mental Health Assessment Applied to Death Penalty Cases

Con​ducting forensic mental health assessments in death penalty cases require considering numerous clinical, legal, practical,​ and ethical issues. Using established guidelines can assist forensic mental health professionals to conduct high-quality assessments that are consistent with best practices. The recently developed principles of forensic mental health assessment, applicable across a wide range of assessments, provide a useful framework for conducting assessments in death penalty cases.

Employee Assistance Program offers value to organizations by:

How a company uses an EAP reflects the diversity of its organization, employees, market, and other HR resources. Alt​hough detailed EAP performance statistics are limited, documented studies suggest employer-sponsored EAPs can reduce company disability, medical, pharmacy, and worker’s compensation costs.

​In​di​vi​dual, Children, Family, Couple, Marriage and Group Therapy

Virtual Services- Tele-Mental Health

The capability of the therapist to provide behavioral health services with telecommunications technologies such as video conferencing. Our easily accessible online care enables patients to access the resources they need to get help and address their challenges.


Virtual services also allow people to get help for their mental health concerns from the privacy of their own homes. Via telehealth, therapist and patients can share resources, learn coping techniques, hash out new routines, and provide an outlet for the patient to talk about their fears and worries. “We’re all in this together and telehealth can provide some emotional relief when there isn’t the option to connect in person.

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