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Telehealth and Virtual Mental Health Services

 CW Counseling understands the challenges of trying to find time to meet in person each week in the best of times. Putting the needs of our patients first, we are proud to offer virtual services, either online or via telehealth.  Our easily accessible online care enables patients to access the resources they need to get help and address their challenges. No matter where you are in the state of South Carolina, we can provide therapy to you in a secure and HIPAA compliant manner.

As with in-person services, virtual therapy services allow you to get the help you are looking for from the privacy of your own home. Through our online portal, our therapist can share resources, provide an outlet for you to talk about fears and worries, and progress towards your goals.  If you are interested in exploring this option, please reach out today to schedule an appointment!

In-Person Therapy Options

Assessment and Diagnostics, Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Family Therapy, Marital Therapy


CW Counseling & Consulting uses a person-centered model that ensures that our patients are fully empowered to create and guide the best decisions for their wellness goals. We treat all persons in need across all phases of the lifespan, including children and geriatric patients.


We do not turn persons away because of the perceived severity of their symptoms and are proud to be one of the few clinics in the area that treat patients with severe mental illnesses, such as bipolar, borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia and others.


We believe in the strength that comes from treatment coordination and enjoy working as a part of your treatment team – making sure that you never feel stuck in the middle or that one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing.


Additionally, we also provide support and counseling for Autistic persons and their caregivers. These services include family-based behavioral intervention, therapy centered around co-morbid diagnoses that can come from life as a neurodiverse person, as well as therapy for caregivers struggling with their unique challenges.


Our intake process is simple and we accept a large variety of insurance and EAP programs. Don’t hesitate to reach out and take your first step towards wellness!

Psychiatric Medication Management

For our patients that wish to explore pharmacotherapy options in addition to talk therapy, we have an on-site Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner fully qualified to assess and manage your medication needs. This allows you to have all of your mental health needs taken care of in one office and ensures that your treatment is coordinated. For medication management, we offer both in-person and virtual options once you are established with Dr. Karen Fulwood, APRN.

Training, Seminars, Consulting & Advocacy

Our staff is skilled in the creation and implementation of mental health programming for a variety of enterprises, seminar teaching, and other forms of community engagement. Through coaching and advocacy for IEP plans for local schools, lectures and community based mental health programs, working with special interest advocacy and community groups in the area to help them create mental health programming, and continual outreach, Dr. Wright and her team of therapists embrace the professional ethical obligation of community service and outreach. If you are looking for a mental health professional for your organization or an individual specific need, please reach out to us so we can help you.

Employee Assistance Programs

CW Counseling & Consulting Services offers counseling through several local and national EAP programs, adding value to your benefit package and ensuring that you are able to protect your most valuable assest: Your employee’s wellness. These typically short-term treatment courses are an excellent solution for employers who wish to help their employees navigate challenging times in their personal life. Additionally, we work with employers to assist with training your managers in dealing with complex emotional, cultural and diversity issues. If you have been seeking an EAP option or provider for your benefit package, give us a call and speak with Robin so we can help you get started on this low-cost, high-impact option for your company.

Forensic Mental Health Assessment for Criminal and Death Penalty Cases

Conducting forensic mental health assessments in criminal and death penalty cases requires the consideration of numerous clinical, legal, practical and ethical issues. Using established guidelines and best practices allows CW Counseling to conduct high-quality assessments that are consistent and fidelius. Dr. Wright has over 20 years of experience in this area and prides herself on using a wide range of assessments and clinical interviews to provide a useful framework for conducting this work. If you are in need of this service, please reach out via email or phone to set up an appointment to speak with Dr. Wright.

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